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Hong Kong Chief Executive Officer, Philips for Greater China

The purpose of physical examination is to promote for a better health, which is not the same as general diagnosis. Mr.Ho, CEO of medical technology company for Greater China, who was born in Hong Kong, indicated that the core of health examination is to choose the right hospital based on its quality of medical equipments and professionalism of its healthcare team.

After going through the entire procedure at Taipei Beitou Health Management Hospital, Mr. Ho enthusiastically advocated the concept of the newer generation of health checkups that is to effectively detect any signs or symptoms by radiology imaging in the shortest amount of time before the disease occurs.
Compared with the experience that Mr. Ho had in Hong Kong for physical examination, the newest type of health tourism includes a reservation system for appointments and a personal guide to each unit of examination. Our services not only respect the confidentiality of each individual, but also eliminate unnecessary waiting time between examinations to successfully ease the anxiety prior to medical procedures.

One-on-one consultation with the physician immediately after health checkups was another factor that Mr. Ho greatly appreciated, “in the past, I often had to wait for days to get my result after finishing examinations. The process is not very friendly for examinees. However, at Taipei Beitou Health Management Hospital, from the start of my checkup to the final consultation, I was well taken care of and was able to complete the whole procedure smoothly within a day or even half-day. Very efficient. ”

Mr. Ho is confident in the quality of Taiwan’s healthcare system. During Chinese New Year of 2017, he brought his wife to our hospital for physical examinations. In addition, Mr. Ho brought his father’s medical records to consult for treatments. Again, Mr. Ho’s visit to Taipei Beitou Health Management Hospital showed his trust in our healthcare system. (161229)

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