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Shenzhen Male / 49 years-old / Lung cancer

Mr. Ger was diagnosed with colon cancer two years ago. By 2015, He was then diagnosed with liver cancer during his follow up visit and treated by surgery and chemotherapy. At the beginning of 2016, a 0.6 cm nodule was found in his lung. Mr. Ger was referred to our hospital for a low dose lung CT scan. A 0.4 cm nodule at upper left lung and another five nodules at lower left lung were discovered. The largest one was about 0.6 cm. A total of six different sizes of nodules were noted. Mr. Ger wished to receive treatment at Taipei Veterans General Hospital (TVGH). Therefore, Taipei Beitou Health Management Hospital arranged a thoracic surgeon consultation at TVGH. After listening to the analysis by Dr. Hsu, Mr. Ger decided to receive the surgery at TVGH.

On June 13th, Mr. Ger underwent surgical removal of all six nodules, of which five were cancerous tumors according to the pathology report. He returned to Shenzhen on July 2nd. Our nurse phoned Mr. Ger to follow-up on his condition. Mr. Ger is now in a good condition. He has been visiting Union Medical College Hospital every month for follow-up as well. (160504)

Shenzhen Male / 49 years-old / Lung cancer

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