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Sultanate of Oman Friends from afar

Royal of Oman paid a private trip to Taiwan on Aug. 21st, 2016, which was his second visit to Taipei Beitou Health Management Hospital after nearly a year. Prince of Oman praised our team for its continuous improvement, describing the service was like an Aladdin lamp that was adjustable and responsive for his needs.

Our mission has always been to customize health examination based on each individual’s medical condition along with professional services and proper equipments. The prince now has a different viewpoint for health due to the trip. Our hospital made a special arrangement for the prince to visit the ENT Clinics at Taipei Veterans General Hospital for his symptoms of ear inflammation. He said he is delighted to bring his family to Taiwan for health check-ups in the future and presented us with a royal dagger as a memorabilia. Prince of Oman’s visit serves as a great encouragement to all of us! (160821)

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